How I can help you feel better 

By Jane Wood

If you feel like life is challenging at the moment or cannot move forward, I can help you feel better.

Our bodies are naturally self-healing and have the innate wisdom to know what’s wrong and what needs to happen to function optimally.

However, undesirable symptoms often occur because there is a physical or emotional imbalance in the body. I can help restore this balance, returning your body to a state where it can heal itself.

There is no need for you to relive any upsetting experiences for energetic imbalances to be released, which is unique to the Emotion Code and Body Code. The process is kind, gentle, non-invasive, and completely painless.

When we don’t feel our emotions fully, they become stuck in our bodies

There may be times in your life when you are unable or choose not to process your emotions. It could be these emotions are too intense, the process is interrupted, or you try to avoid feeling them, causing them to become stuck in the body.

These are called ‘trapped emotions™’ and together with other energetic imbalances they can accumulate and cause us to become out of balance physically, mentally, and emotionally.

You probably have energetic imbalances if you…

  • Are trying hard yet feeling stuck and unable to move forward in an aspect of your life.
  • Are having challenges in relationships, difficulty attracting the right partner or experiencing prolonged grief.
  • Have noticed your health has deteriorated, or you have an injury that nothing else helps.
  • Are struggling to achieve success in your work life or find purpose.
  • Find yourself getting in the way of your own health goals (managing your weight, drinking, social media or experiencing sleep disturbance – anything that’s getting in your way of feeling better).

These and other situations cause unnecessary feelings of suffering, discomfort, or unhappiness, which is a sign that something must change.

Unless we resolve our past, we can’t change and move forward to have the lives that we want.

However, we can only change ourselves and when we do change, it creates a ripple effect out into our world.

Tapping into your body’s wisdom

I work by intuitively tapping into your body’s innate subconscious wisdom. It knows what needs to be released and the order in which it needs to be released to bring you back into balance. Everything that is identified and released is cleared permanently, improving your quality of life. By resolving the past to live a better future, leaving you feeling lighter, happier and with an increased sense of wellbeing.

Which type of session do I need?

Sessions are carried out via Zoom video calls in the privacy and comfort of your own home. This eliminates unnecessary travel hassles and enables you to fit them in and around your commitments.

The number of sessions you need will depend on how you feel, what you want to work on and where you want to get to. It’s best to start with an Emotion Code/Body Code session, especially if you are new to this kind of work.

I am always happy to meet first to understand what is important to you and what you want from your sessions.

I would love to work with you to make your life feel better. The only thing you have to lose is what’s holding you back.

Book your free no obligation chat, your session or your package today.

With love – Jane