Emotional wellbeing for optimal health, love, and happiness with The Emotion Code ®

By Jane Wood

‘Don’t forget to drink water and get sun. You’re basically a houseplant with complicated emotions.’ Anon.

Our emotions add colour and contrast to our lives. They are what makes us human. We cannot exist without them, and they have a profound effect on the quality of our experience, perspective, behaviour, health, energy levels and overall wellbeing.

Emotions are energy in motion in the body.

Emotions are generated as vibrations in the body. Each emotion has unique frequency, although many of us describe them more generally like fear, anger, happy or sad. We feel the emotion as a sensation in the body together with thoughts or physical sensations that arise at the same time. After a short period of time (called processing), the emotion passes. Once processing is complete the emotional experience is over until the next time. However, if processing is interrupted or the event is emotionally intense or overwhelming then the emotional energy is not discharged and stays trapped in the body.

When emotions are particularly uncomfortable, we often avoid feeling them by engaging in distracting or self-sabotaging behaviours. This can be anything that makes us feel better in the moment but could be detrimental to our health and causes us to feel bad about ourselves afterwards. Often, it’s the avoidance of feeling our feelings that can result in energetic imbalances becoming trapped. Sometimes situations in life are particularly distressing or difficult and we can become so overwhelmed that we are unable to process them fully.

Trapped emotional energy can cause emotional, mental, and physical symptoms.

Overtime we all accumulate ’trapped emotions’, which are more commonly known as ‘emotional baggage’ with no way of dealing with it effectively. This emotional energy can become stuck in joints, glands, organs or anywhere in the body systems and may lead to physical symptoms later.

Energetic imbalances are often a result of our own perception and interpretation of an event. It doesn’t necessarily have to be anything particularly traumatic that causes an emotion to become trapped. It’s the intensity of which it was felt, which we may not even recall today.

How do you let go of your emotional baggage? 

The Emotion Code ® developed by Dr Bradley Nelson is one of the most effective ways that I have discovered to permanently clear emotional baggage that can lead to energetic imbalances. I’m also experienced in other advanced energy healing techniques to help you liberate your happiness.

In your session I identify the specific emotional energies and other energetic imbalances that are impacting you. Perhaps you’re being triggered by your boss at work, your partner, family member or friend? Maybe, you’re having trouble find the right partner or difficulty in your relationship or experiencing physical symptoms. Like myself, many clients have tried other ways of resolving their symptoms before finding this approach to balance. The Emotion Code ® and The Body Code ™ are completely complementary to other traditional approaches to treatment.

Once emotional baggage has been released, you may find that in the situations that would previously have caused you upset, will feel completely different, leaving you free to choose a calmer emotional response. Your attitude and choices today, shape your tomorrow.  It is the ultimate gift to yourself in self-care.

I am always happy to meet first to understand what is important to you, the change you want to make and what you what from your sessions. Book your free no obligation chat, your session or your package today. I would love to work with you to make your life feel better. The only thing you have to lose is what’s holding you back. I would be delighted to hear from you.

With love – Jane