Return your body to its natural state of wellbeing with The Body Code ™

By Jane Wood

“The body is a self-healing organism. It knows what is wrong and what it needs. The Body Code is how we ‘decode’ those needs.” Dr Bradley Nelson.

Whatever challenge you are currently experiencing, whether physical, mental, emotional, or achieving your personal goals, there can be several energetic imbalances that are potentially contributing to it.

I have witnessed incredible results with The Body Code, but it is not an emergency service nor a substitute for professional medical care. It can be an incredibly powerful complementary tool to medical treatment and sometimes has helped people with problems that traditional medicine has been unable to resolve.

We are made up of energy and are part of nature

Energy is part of everything in life. We can think about emotions as being energy in motion in the body. It’s energy that gives everything, including us, our unique blueprint and is why no two people are ever the same. Even identical twins will have unique personalities. I like the analogy that we are individual snowflakes, yet all snow. Even when we experience the same symptoms, the root causes will be different. Our inner worlds consist of thoughts and feelings based on interpretation of past events. Our subconscious minds are like a database of information. Rest assured that in a session your body will let me know what imbalances are contributing to your symptoms. I cannot intrude on anything confidential.

How The Body Code helps your body return to its natural state of wellbeing

Using the Body Code, we look to find and eliminate the underlying cause for your symptoms or the block to achieving your desires. We can go deeper than The Emotion Code helping you to realign with your natural state of balance and health.

By releasing energetic imbalances, you are creating the perfect environment to help your body heal and restore your natural state of wellbeing.

The body is complex, but it is easy to identify and release the energetic obstructions that are contributing to your specific symptoms or blocks to success. As each of us is unique, so are the energetic disturbances that are potentially having an impact on our health, peace, and happiness. maybe causing or contributing to your symptoms.

Emotional wellness for health and happiness 

Our feelings shape the quality of our lives. Many of the reasons for our feelings are unconscious, yet they have a profound impact on our behaviour and the quality of our lives. Past internalised traumatic events, suppressed emotions, negative thinking and mental programming play a big part in the quality of our happiness and health today.  The Body Code includes the complete Emotion Code.

Physical balance of the body systems 

Our body has multiple systems, organs, glands, including meridians (the focus of Chinese medicine), chakras and natural rhythms and cycles such as sleep. To function optimally these need to be in balance and all the components communicating effectively. Blockages or built up trapped emotional energies can be the root cause of physical discomfort or illness.

Help with elimination of toxins

Toxins are invisible and are everywhere. They are in our food, agriculture, homes (building materials, carpets, and furnishings), the air that we breathe, dental filings, cleaning products, cosmetics, and drugs (illegal and prescribed). They can be natural too, in the case of venom and poisonous plants or microbes. Heavy metals can be seriously detrimental to the body, such as mercury, lead, aluminium, cadmium, and arsenic to mention the common ones. Our bodies are also exposed to electric fields, radioactivity, x-rays, magnetic fields, and radio frequencies. Even excesses of stress and sound can have a toxic effect on us. I’m sensitive to sound (it can feel physical to my body), so clearing energetic imbalances that are related provides relief when my nerves are feeling jangled!

Often, although the physical toxin has gone, an energetic imbalance can remain in the body. Occasionally, these harmful substances will require a physical detox.

Help with elimination of pathogens

Like toxins, pathogens are invisible and harmful and can cause serious infectious diseases or illnesses. These microorganisms, germs, or biological agents need a host to live and proliferate and can have a mild or life-threatening effect on the body. Energetic vibrations of viruses, fungi, mould, parasites and bacteria could be affecting your health, especially if you know that you’ve been exposed to them.

A client that had mould come up as an imbalance was surprised to learn that it was a contributing factor to her symptoms. It had been years since she had been exposed to mould in student accommodation.

Structural balance for physical health and fitness

We all need the support of the correct alignment for the function of bones, nerves, and connective tissues, and for optimum balance and health. Dr Bradley Nelson founded The Body Code during his time as a chiropractor. The Body Code helps to identify and release the energetic imbalances that are the underlying causes of structural misalignments. One of my clients who was on a two-month waiting list for a steroid injection texted me after her session to say: “Shoulder pain 1 out of 10! I’m stunned”.

Nutritional and lifestyle balance 

Our daily lifestyles play a huge part in maintaining our health and wellbeing. Ensuring that essential needs such as sleep, hydration and nutrition are optimal help to keep you to feel your best. We can also have needs for other types of therapeutic interventions, supplements, mental or emotional fitness, body work, detoxification, movement, stress processing, magnetic field problems or colour imbalances that are affecting our health and wellbeing.

Anything can cause anything!

As a holistic health practitioner, I know anything can cause anything! Each session is unique to you. Your body knows everything. Symptoms or life challenges are nature’s way of telling us we are out of balance and need to act. The Body Code is a way of communicating with your body’s wisdom to help you live the life that you want.

Where to start? 

Many clients have a shopping list of things they would like to address, once they realise how effective this work is. If that’s the case for you, we can test your body to prioritise what we need to work on first. Everything in the session comes from your body’s wisdom. You will need a week between sessions for your body to process and rebalance. The number of sessions will depend on how you feel, what you want to work on, and where you want to get to.

I am always happy to meet first to understand what is important to you, the change you want to make and what you want from your sessions. Book your free no obligation chat, your session or your package today. I would be delighted to hear from you.

With love – Jane