By Kieran

My Mum’s 1.5-year-old cat had been scared of me and everyone else for over a year now, and things got worse after he disappeared last summer and came back traumatised and dehydrated after 3 days. He would refuse to get inside the house if I was in or he’d see a coat or shoes in the hallway, would skip meals (in my absence he eats at regular times without fail), not come home to sleep, and run away the minute he would see me. It was really worrying especially as I absolutely adore animals and no situation happened between the 2 of us that would explain his behaviour. Once I’d leave, he would resume his normal behaviour within a couple of days.

Not knowing what to do about it, and being scared he would find a new home, my Mum agreed for Janey to treat him to see if he’d make a difference.
I was lucky Janey could fit him in a couple of days before I was due to go visit my Mum, so we could observe if anything had changed right there and then. And indeed things had changed dramatically. He was not home when I arrived but he got in straight away after I opened the door for him at his usual time (he had never gotten in if it was me opening the door in the past), he came in the room I was in and started to play with his ball, innocent and joyful. He even let me stroke him and hold him in my arms whilst there was no way I could get close to him before. The change was mind blowing and only in one session! For 3 days he stayed in the same room as me, and would let me feed him etc… Bye more scaredy-cat, hello cuddly cat.
My Mum and I cannot thank Janey enough for helping him so efficiently the first time around and it is impossible to deny our gifted she is.